Giving The Gift of Uber & Tacos

I love an instant gratification type situation. Uber now has Uber gift cards! I can’t tell you how many people I’ve shared this with to the response of pure elation. It’s not something I ever thought [Read entire story]

Geneva Naturals Bloggers Who Brunch

Geneva Naturals hosted a blogger brunch and it was one of my Art Basel highlights. Geneva Naturals creates natural skin care products using only the highest formulation standards. It’s always nice to wrap Basel [Read entire story]

Absolut Electrik and New Connections

Here’s a one of those “hard to believe stories.”  I recently teamed up with Absolut Vodka to go on a nightlife adventure here in Miami, in celebration of the Absolut Electrik holiday bottle, that was all about letting [Read entire story]

Art Basel with Perrier-Jouët’s L’Eden & Strand Garden

Perrier-Jouët‘s Art Basel events are always a coveted invite amongst all the happenings. This year was no different. Perrier-Jouët’s L’Eden created an enchanted extension of The Strand Garden seen at [Read entire story]

Ivy Park – It’s A Knockout

I’ve seen every Beyoncé Ivy Park commercial and oohed and ahhed with the rest of my Twitter gang. When SIX:02 reached out with the opportunity to shop the collection, I jumped at the chance. I’ve talked about [Read entire story]

Denim on Denim Situation


This denim on denim situation was such a fun look to wear. It came together on a night I went to support another blogger hosting an event. Lately I go through spurts of intense feelings of invigoration and this was one [Read entire story]

Title: 5 Fall Fashion Trends to Try


I love pushing the envelope when it comes to fashion. I’m not afraid to try new trends, and I enjoy mixing and matching pieces to make them look fresh again. Even if this doesn’t describe you, it doesn’t mean that you [Read entire story]

Up All Night


Fall is here in Miami! Just kidding, it’s still a good 80 degrees every single day. But I’m getting prepped for the season regardless with some great UGG boots. It’s necessary for me to give my wardrobe [Read entire story]

Lily’s Bach Ting #oncloudewing


Holy smokes the weekend is finally here. Lily’s getting married. I’m in the wedding. It’s wild. I’m not reaaaadyyyyy. For real, I’m supposed to packing. Instead, I’m finishing this [Read entire story]

Til Next Time Long Beach, California


Wrapping up my trip to Long Beach with the Visit Long Beach with my last batch of photos. Mornings in bed at the Hyatt Centric trying to get work done before the start of the day, to evening gondola rides. It’s all [Read entire story]

Hello Long Beach, California


Two weeks ago I was took a trip with Visit Long Beach! I’ve only been to Long Beach before back when I worked in conventions. My Long Beach experience boiled down to the inside of the convention center and my hotel [Read entire story]

Color Lover


I don’t wear a ton of all over color, it’s just not my thing. Yet something about this adidas by Stella McCartney tie-dye set excited me. I guess if you’re gonna do it, go big or go home. photos [Read entire story]

Something For The Weekend – LiveLikeRia / 1


I’ve been making lots and lots of playlists lately. For me music playlists have always been something I start on a whim and then forget to even finish. Something is different, maybe it’s the way we consume music so [Read entire story]

Road Rules with SWISSGEAR


Maybe don’t be a child trapped in an adult’s body like me and ride around on your SWISSGEAR suitcase. People may stare. Sometimes I get bored waiting for photographers while they tinker with their light [Read entire story]

Denim Dialogue


I love this outfit so much. I know you guys do too. I wore it to a tasting dinner at La Mar with chef Diego Oka, it was a huge hit both on social media and at dinner. When I walked in, it was like the whole table went [Read entire story]

Let’s Coordinate with Viniq


Oh yes, I took it there. I do love a subtle homage. When it came time for my next nail art manicure, I took inspiration from the original Viniq Shimmery Liqueur. I pulled up a photo of the bottle, rather than bring one [Read entire story]

Mitsubishi Mirage GT: Go Big By Going Small


This is the second time I got to drive a Mitsubishi Mirage GT. It’s a 5-door hatchback. The last time I was behind the wheel of a Mirage was in 2014. If possible I liked this one even more so than my last one. [Read entire story]

Slow Like Honey, Heavy With Mood


Obsessed doesn’t even cut it on this throwback 90s silk slip dress look. Silk slip dresses have been on my mind for some time now. Erika Hanna of Jaest Studios reached out to me about helping promote her new line [Read entire story]

gigi Brunch: Pork Buns, Noodles & Mimosas


gigi in Midtown Miami is one of my favorite places to grab a bite. Noodles. BBQ. Beer. A little s lice of asian-infused comfort food heaven. Now that I live 10 minutes away, that love has only [Read entire story]

Easy Weekends in Brooks Heritage


Some weekends you wanna get dressed up, and head out, but you also wanna relax and be comfortable. Get out of bed or don’t get out of bed, the weekend conundrum. Luckily for me this particular weekend, I teamed up [Read entire story]

Lust For Leaves At W Fort Lauderdale


During our pre-renovation stay at the W Fort Lauderdale, I made a wrong turn that turned out so right. On the way to the rooftop pool, I went the wrong way to a BEAUTIFUL outdoor space, & I do mean gorgeous. These [Read entire story]

Strapped Up In Halston


I received this Halston Mini Dress a few weeks ago, in fact weeks before it was available for sale. The arrival of course documented during mail time on Snapchat. You should be following me. Anyway, I’m finally [Read entire story]